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Given the extent of the impacts of the Coronavirus across the nation, we have decided to hold all of our meetings over virtual platforms and will keep you posted on how things change in the future.

For now, wash your hands well (20 seconds), wear a mask when you must go in public, practice social distancing.

Stay safe!

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The weather Tuesday was pleasant. A strong breeze kept you cool, there were not too many clouds in the sky, just enough to keep the heat off of you. Early voting began February 18th and continued for the following 2 weeks until Feb 28th. Election day had a great turn out, but I want to take a moment and talk about those that decided to stay home.

Voting is a right. Fought for and earned by the American People in 1868 as the 14th amendment and exclusively clarified in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The 14th amendment was one of three amendments that made up the reconstruction of the southern states that committed treason and left the United States lost the American Civil War in 1865.

After the Civil War, the American Citizenship of the southerners who committed treason was revoked (because they chose to leave the nation and surrender their citizenship in order to fight) so the 14th amendment defined voting rights as a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to the citizens of this great nation.(just like the 1st freedom of speech/right to assemble and 2nd right to bear arms)

After the civil war, Americans who were Black, Latin, indigenous, newly freed, or any combination of the 4, largely outnumbered the wealthy white confederates of the south.

Under this reestablishment of human and constitutional rights, we were able to see the first black senators elected into offices such as Senator Hiram Revels of Mississippi, Senator Robert Smalls of South Carolina, and Senator Blanche K. Bruce of Mississippi.

Martin Luther King Jr has said about voting,

"Give us the ballot and we will no longer have to worry the federal government about our basic rights ...

"Give us the ballot and we will no longer plead to the federal government for passage of an anti-lynching law ...

"Give us the ballot and we will fill our legislative halls with men of goodwill ...

"Give us the ballot and we will place judges on the benches of the South who will do justly and love mercy ...

"Give us the ballot and we will quietly and nonviolently, without rancor or bitterness, implement the Supreme Court's decision of May 17, 1954"

You have your ballot.

Maybe you forgot to vote. Maybe you thought about showing up but could not find a reason. Maybe you feel like your vote doesn't matter, the concepts are too large, and your voice will never be heard.

I ask you to look at the past of our nation and the great struggles we have had to brave, organize, and obstacles we have had to overcome.

I ask you to look in your own community and think of those around you who might not be able to vote. Minors caught in the broken criminal justice system. Those who have immigrated here looking for work to help their families. I ask you to look at yourself and the struggles you have had to go through, and the sacrifices you have had to make to be the person you want and know yourself too be.

You deserve a government that works for you, not a government that works you over.

Make a plan to cast your ballot in November.

If you live in any city limits, make your plan to cast your ballot on May 2nd for Mayor, City Council, School board, and MUD.

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Hey y’all,

Voters under the age of 35 are breaking records this election!

If you haven’t voted in the Presidential primary yet, please vote tomorrow Tuesday, March 3rd, 7am-7pm. It is the last day to vote in the primaries. Vote anywhere in Brazoria County from 7am to 7pm. Your closest locations are below. If you want to meet me or say hi, I’ll be working the polls with the Young Democrats at the Westside Event Center


Dylan’s number is 346-234-9215. Jacinda’s number is 832-439-6609.

Feel free to call/text for questions or to chat with a neighbor anytime.

Link to Polling Locations: here - You can vote in any Brazoria County polling location tomorrow and if you are in line by 7PM you can still vote! Call 1-844-TX-Votes for reporting any voter suppression or election violations at the polling locations or call one of us if you are denied your vote at the polls.

Go vote tomorrow! This is the election of our lifetime. Thank you for making sure your voice is heard!

Jacinda Valencia

Young Democrats of Brazoria County President

Dylan Forbis

Young Democrats of Brazoria County Treasurer

Voters under the age of 35 years exceeded 2018 and 2008 voters! Let’s exceed 2016 by going out to vote tomorrow!

Voters under 35 make up 12.8% of the Democratic primary voters. That is almost double & triple compared to other counties in Texas. Let’s break the record by going to vote tomorrow!


Alvin Library

105 S Gordon


East Annex (Old Walmart)

1524 E Mulberry, Room 144


West Annex

451 N Velasco


Bonney Annex Building

19025 FM 521


Brazoria Library

620 S Brooks


Mims Community Center

4283 FM 521


Clute Event Center

100 Parkview Dr


Danbury Community Center

6115 5th St


Freeport Library

410 Brazosport Blvd

Iowa Colony

Meridiana Info center

4003 Meridiana Pkwy

Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson Civic Center

333 Hwy 332 E


North Annex

7313 Corporate Dr


Precinct 4 North Annex

3633 CR 58

Oyster Creek

Oyster Creek City Hall

3210 FM 523

Pearland (Central)

Drainage District #4 Building

4813 W Broadway

Pearland (East)

First Church of Pearland

1850 Broadway

Pearland (West)

New Harvest Christian Fellowship

12216 Broadway

Pearland (Central/Old)

Pearland Church of Christ Annex

2217 N Grand Blvd

Pearland (Central)

Pearland Recreation Center

4141 Bailey Rd

Pearland (West)

Pearland Westside Library

2803 Business Center Dr #101

Pearland (East)

Shadycrest Baptist Church

3017 Yost Blvd

Pearland (West)

Silverlake Recreation Center

2715 Southwyck Pkwy

Pearland (East)

Tom Reid Library

3522 Liberty Dr

Pearland (West)

Westside Event Center

2150 Countryplace Pkwy


Richwood City Hall

1800 N Brazosport Blvd


Sweeny Community Center

205 W Ashley Wilson Rd

West Columbia

Precinct 4 Building 2

121 N 10th St

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