On the Issues

Here you will find the PDF of our platform of the Young Democrats of America and the Texas Democratic Party. It is important for there to be transparency and access to this information to help create an informed and educated electorate.

2019-2021 Platform of the Young Democrats of America

2020-2022 Texas Democratic Party Platform


Training the next generation of leaders, activists, and organizers. Creating a movement by and for the young people of Brazoria County to promote democratic party principles. Building structural support for future activists, organizers, and leaders


Cultivate a Brazoria County that relies on Progressive Democratic ideas as a foundation to our governments and civic engagements.We strive to create a stronger, healthier society through political engagement and volunteering in Brazoria County. Our aim is to increase youth voter registration, provide education about politics and involve youth in advocacy.


T: 832-439-6609

E: YoungDemocratsofBrazoriaCounty@gmail.com

Created by Young Democrats of Brazoria County.