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Brazoria County Clerks Office Election Search Causes Confusion

As the primary nears, the residents of Brazoria county often turn to the internet to find their election and polling information. However, a simple google search can leave you scratching your head and questions unanswered.

After you google search, “Brazoria County Sample Ballots”, the first link takes you to the familiar county page, used in the 2018 and 2019 election cycles, but when you click on the links the information is outdated.

There are no current election sample ballots on the page. When you return to your search results you see a KHOU “County by County” election guide, but the link they provide from 2018 no longer works at all. The other counties listed on the KHOU website, Harris County, Fort Bend, Montgomery, in fact, all of the other ones still were connected to their county voting websites except for Brazoria county.

This is what the Brazoria County link loads after you click on it.

Where is the current website? 8 links down on the original search window.

Let us make sure we are sharing the accurate information and please share this link:

Do not waste time, right now verify if you are registered to vote, download your sample ballot by precinct number, and research your candidates. You are able to take your sample ballot into the polls with you. Your vote is your voice, and we can not let any negligence of mismanaged websites get in the way.

The last day to register to vote is Feb. 3rd, early voting starts Feb 18th. The last day to request your ballot by mail is Feb 18th.

Early voting polling locations listed below.


Alvin Library

105 S Gordon


East Annex (Old Walmart)

1524 E Mulberry, Room 144


Brazoria Library

620 S Brooks


Freeport Library

410 Brazosport Blvd

Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson Civic Center

333 Hwy 332 E


North Annex

7313 Corporate Dr


Pearland Westside Library

2803 Business Center Dr #101


Tom Reid Library

3522 Liberty Dr


Westside Event Center

2150 Countryplace Pkwy

West Columbia

Precinct 4 Building #2

121 N 10th St, Building 2

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